Amazon HQ2 Is Coming To Northern Virginia

Amazon HQ2 comes to Virginia!  (and New York)  The GO Virginia Region 7 Council itself did not play a direct role in the discussions between the state, Arlington County, and Amazon; yet, members of the Northern Virginia Council were involved.  Sharon Virts, the Council’s Vice Chair [left in photo], commented after the announcement, “It was very satisfying to participate in the proposal process.  And we won!  With the tide all boats rise - regionally and statewide.


As this important announcement was made, the GO Northern Va Council prepares to release its next RFP for applicants to submit requests for a share of the northern Virginia Per Capita funding or for a multi-regional project and the Competitive Funds.  Sue Rowland, staff to the Council, says, “We have received a number of calls from folks who are interested in securing GO Virginia funds.  A few have already formed coalitions with others to implement ideas to fill the work force demands in this region that could make it through.”  Sue continued that a number of them are waiting for the Council’s RFP to come out, and she expects the response to be robust.   Her first response with each call is to explain the rules under GO Virginia, including the match requirements. "It focuses those working on these projects to also work on securing the local resource match earlier rather than later,” Sue said.


At its December 19th Council meeting, the Region 7 local governments' Economic Development officers will talk about their localities' business and work force goals.  “We will share a dialogue with the E.D. leaders to gain an understanding of where GO Virginia’s funds might help,” said Tom Rust, Council chair.   "This region certainly has many similar economic needs region-wide, and also some differences that we will talk about in December.  I fully expect that discussion will help us as we consider the next round of applications early next year.'“