GO Northern virginia is region 7 of go virginia

GO Virginia provides incentives which are matched with local, federal, and private funds to encourage collaboration at the regional level to grow and diversify the economy of each region and ultimately the Commonwealth. Steep cutbacks in defense and other federal programs are a major challenge for Virginia’s economy. GO Virginia gives the Commonwealth an opportunity to build upon the new Virginia economy. In March of 2017 the Board adopted the following purpose statement - “GO Virginia will create more higher paying jobs through incentivized collaboration, primarily through out-of-state revenue, which diversifies and strengthens the economy in every region.“

GO Virginia brings together leaders from business, higher education, local government, workforce, economic development, and planning to ensure alignment of resources, the closing of skills gaps, and that each region finds success; this will lead to a growing and diversified Virginia economy.    

The GO Virginia Board is the state-wide oversight group for the GO Virginia initiative; there are nine Regional Councils that will work at the regional level to develop strategies to grow the region’s economy. The Regional Councils will submit recommended projects to the Virginia Growth and Opportunity Board for approval and funding.


The GO Northern virginia Council

The state is divided into 9 Regional Councils and the northern Virginia is the 7th Regional Council. Our areas of focus are

Computer Services

“We are very proud that GO Northern VA’s Council is the only Council to have all 3 of its projects submitted approved by the State’s GO Virginia Board.”
— Carolyn Parent, Council Chair