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Recent news from Region 7 of GO Northern VA


Presentation on cyber x to GO Northern Virginia Region 7 council

In August, 2018 the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative presented to GO Northern Virginia Region 7. See their presentation here.

State board grants additional award to Northern Virginia Tech Talent Pipeline

The State awarded NVTTP an additional $


Welcome to our new council members

This new fiscal year offers changes to our council. With new leadership and new members comes new vitality. Our retiring members and leaders have left behind a substantial framework from which to grow opportunities in the cybersecurity and computer services industry in Northern Virginia, and we are grateful. Thank you, Carolyn Parent, Todd Rowley, Matt McQueen for your leadership our first year. And thank you Jack Potter, John Backus, Michele Kant, The Honorable Tom Davis, Tim O’Brien, Jim Cole and Dr. Jerry Gordon for your service. Your hard work is much appreciated.

Welcome to our new leadership, The Honorable Tom Rust, Chair; Sharon Virts, Vice Chair; Sid Banerjee, Secretary and Projects Committee Lead. Thank you, Paul Liberty for continuing as Governance Chair; The Honorable Marty Nohe for continuing as our Treasurer; Carolyn Parent for staying on as Former Chair imparting her experience and wisdom.

And welcome to our new members: Aneesh Chopra; Dr. Anup Ghosh; Tom Gibson; Nick Jordan and Rick Pearson.