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The Virginia Initiative for Growth and Opportunity (GO Virginia) is a bipartisan, business-led economic development initiative that is changing the way Virginia’s diverse regions collaborate on economic and workforce development activities. The objective of the GO Virginia initiative is to promote the creation of high wage careers, private sector job growth, and diversification across the Commonwealth through incentivized regional collaboration. GO Virginia funding seeks to grow jobs paying higher than the regional annual average wage.


"GO Virginia will create more higher paying jobs through incentivized collaboration, primarily through out-of-state revenue, which diversifies and strengthens the economy in every region."


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Virginia urgently needs strong private-sector growth.

Federal cutbacks expose over-dependence on public-sector jobs, requiring strong private-sector growth and job creation.

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Growth in Virginia’s diverse regions requires collaboration.

To grow and diversify our economy, business, education, and government must collaborate effectively in each region.

State government must be a catalyst and partner.

State government must provide incentives for strategic, job-focused collaboration in each region of the Commonwealth.


The Growth & Opportunity Board, responsible for awarding allotted funds to relevant projects, oversees nine Regional Councils, who submit project ideas to the Board for approval. The Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development supports the administrative aspects of both these entities, and the GO Virginia Foundation supports these efforts through education about best practices and advocacy.


To learn more about the awarded GO Virginia projects throughout the state, visit the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development website here.

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